Hi! I'm Steph.


I'm a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Published Author, Host of the podcast show Lightworkers Lounge, and part time photographer.

I created Evolve2Health in 2015 after I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis, and embarked on a mission to heal this "dis~ease" without touching a pill. I successfully accomplished that, and now I'm dedicating my practice to helping others do the same. I love helping clients rid their homes of toxic products, and I have a growing passion for figuring out the emotional causes behind physical disease.


In January 2018 I released the highly anticipated book, Thyroid First Aid Kit!
It's a simple 3 step guide on how to naturally heal the thyroid. 
For a signed copy, order right here on the website; Click Shop/Book Sessions and order the book from there.

You can also get your copy on Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble.




When I'm not helping clients be their own best doctor, I love to travel, dance, ride my bike, and smother my pug with kisses!

Health Coach IG: @evolve2health
Podcast: @lightworkerslounge
Personal IG: @stephanies_destiny

We don’t go all natural. We return.
— Unknown

Stephanie's Credentials:

  • Bachelors of Science degree in Organizational Leadership

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach

  • Published Author