What does a health coach do?

When was the last time a health professional asked about your childhood? or your sex life? Have they ever asked you why exactly you want to lose weight? As a health coach, I know that you know you need to eat more vegetables and less junk food... so why aren't you?

'Genes load the gun, lifestyle pulls the trigger' -- more & more people are coming to understand that we don't suffer from dis-ease just because our family members did. There are so many factors affecting our health:

  • What we eat
  • How we sleep
  • Physical activity
  • Emotions
  • Environment

Over 80% of chronic disease is reversible by getting the above lifestyle factors in order. A health coach is not there to help you reach your goal weight then send you off. A health coach helps you make lifestyle changes that will stay in place for the rest of your life. No more dieting, or going back and forth between health and binge eating.

Being thin, happy, and healthy becomes a permanent lifestyle. 

A health coach will teach you to be your own doctor.


*Have you felt a calling to start a career in the health and wellness field? The school I attended, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, has graciously offered me the chance to share a sample class with you to see if what they teach resonates with your career aspirations. Click Here to sign up!


I've been feeling a strong pull to become a life/health coach.
How can I become one?

I get it - I felt this pull too. I had no idea where to begin, until my friends and even strangers (hi, synchronicity) started to recommend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. This program is completely done at your own pace, online, and only takes a year to get certified. They cover everything you could imagine. The first 6 months are diet and physical health. The next 6 months are mental, emotional well being and they even teach you how to run your own business! From business cards to designing a website, IIN does not take the University route of sitting you in a class, graduating, then throwing you out into the real world. They make it their goal to get you a paid client BEFORE you even graduate. And guess what? I did just that! I remember thinking no way, in less than a year I will be working for myself? Receiving money some other way than a biweekly pay check from a big corporation? Well, I sure did. And it was after that I became addicted to the freedom and endless possibilities that come from working for yourself. IIN makes it their mission to see you succeed! Honestly guys, I'm pretty antsy during lectures but every single class was so intriguing to me, I was super bummed when the program was over. 
SO! If you want to explore everything IIN has to offer, use my referral link! There is no obligation to sign up right away. Trust me, I would know. I think I explored the idea for well over a year before I finally made the leap. My only regret is not enrolling sooner! Shoot me an email with any questions!


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When is 'Thyroid First Aid Kit' coming out?

It's out!! You can find it on Amazon by clicking HERE