Welcome to Evolve2Health!
Our goal is to be your 'guide on the side' as you journey back to health.

Together we will Evolve your frame of mind to view healthy eating and exercise as joyful activities.
We will teach you to reach for plants over pills.
We will empower you to dive deep into the emotional reasoning behind your physical disease.

It all begins with you.

“Genes Load the Gun — Lifestyle Pulls the Trigger.”
— Caldwell Esselstyn

What We Do


The Podcast

I host a popular podcast show called Lightworkers Lounge where we discuss everything about Life and the Universe. Join us to share in candid conversations about astrology, relationships, holistic living, the law of attraction and many, many more. Now available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you find your podcasts. Come join your tribe!

Thyroid First aid kid

We specialize in helping you put the pieces together when figuring out how to naturally heal your thyroid - this is Stephanie's expertise. Learn more about the three basic components that make up hormonal harmony.

Essential oils

Essential oils are a staple in any healthy home, and essential to healing any endocrine disorder. Feeling overwhelmed by oils? No need. When you purchase a Starter Kit from Evolve2Health, Stephanie will mail you weekly postcards to teach you about each individual oil in your kit - that's 3 months of training! Sign up below.